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10-LateralAction-mainReal solutions can emerge from places surprisingly adjacent to the problems they address. This session examines how progress — from villages to urban spaces, from the artist’s studio to the corporate world — can be found by taking a step to the side.

The speakers who’ll appear in this session:

Khalida Brohi found an unexpected way to fight honor killings and empower women in her native Pakistan—by working with tribal leaders.

Vik Muniz creates art that make us question our assumptions—like convincing cloudscapes made of cotton, and simple line art drawings created by bulldozers and shot from the sky.

Architect Alejandro Aravena creates, among many audacious projects, housing options for low-income families in urban areas that are beautiful, elegant and functional in addition to being low-cost.

Journalist Misha Glenny excavates the darks sides of globalization, from drug trafficking to cybercrime. His upcoming book, The Invention of Brazil, takes an in-depth look…

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